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January 27, 2020

Normally when it comes to controversial topics I keep my opinion to myself, especially on social media. But now after coaching baseball for a year and a half and training players and athletes, I have some things to say.....

I am blessed to be part of a great organization called 1st Round Training in Ellenton, FL. Myself and former Major League Baseball player Lastings Milledge started 1st Round Training in December of 2016 with hopes and aspirations of helping our local youth. We have helped get a few kids college scholarships who previously had NONE. We have given over 500 lessons FREE of charge. We have donated numerous hours with camps and clinics to help players and coaches of all skill level. We have donated money and time to local little leagues and more.


A year and a half ago we started the 1st Round Training Diamonds 💎 Travel Baseball Organization. With the help of Frank Ose and Reggie Simmons we have been able to successfully run teams at the 13u - 11u - 10u level. All teams having great success and even better player improvement results.

This spring 2020 we are looking to have 5 if not 6 different levels of play ranging from 14u - 8u. This summer we plan to have an 18u team as well.



None of the above is to gloat or brag but to give credibility. Give credibility to the fact that we at 1st Round Training have got to see just about every aspect of on and off the field issues you can see as a coach/trainer.


With all of that being said, my rant isn’t about training techniques that some coaches are installing to these kids. It’s not about the coaches and trainers who make money literally doing nothing. It’s not about the Daddy Ball nor the umpires.


My rant is directed towards the parents with blinders on. The parent who thinks his/her athlete is the best thing to walk on this earth. The parent who’s child does no wrong. To the parent whose continually moving from organization to organization. Please .... please remove the blinders.


You have no idea the damage you are causing these athletes. Now we have taught them if this place doesn’t workout... We will just go somewhere else. If you don’t get the playing time you want we will just pack up and go find it elsewhere. God forbid we just work harder and earn a position. Or better yet go to the coaches in a respectful way to see what we can improve on.


It’s hard to blame parents for being this way because of what they see on TV. College players transferring. Pro athletes demanding trades.


But the huge difference with those examples and the 99% of the parents that I’m speaking about is... those guys are pros getting paid millions of dollars and the college athletes have hundreds of thousands in scholarships. Those are business decisions.


The 99% that I’m speaking about are the ones who move teams because your son “only played right field and batted 8th" parents.

That’s not business decisions.... that’s lazy. That’s let’s not teach the player any discipline or work ethic. Let’s just coddle them and move them to a team where dad can coach and he can play shortstop and bat 3rd. That’s not realistic in any aspect of life.


My goal with this isn’t to point anyone out specifically nor start controversy. It’s to hopefully be a reason some take the blinders off. Some take a step back and say “is that me?” If you have to ask yourself. You already know the answer.


This is really bad at the 14u-8u levels in organized sports. But that 14u - 13u range better learn it quick if they haven’t already. The off the field talks with coaches. The phone calls with coaches. The coming in the dugouts. It’s done when you hit high school. These coaches WILL NOT deal with it.



Growing up I was a pretty good ball player and overall athlete. If I was sitting the bench, there was a reason for it and 99% of the time I was that reason. Crazy part was 99% of those times had nothing to do with my athletic ability. Could have been attitude, grades, acting out in school, you name it. But you know what? My parents didn’t pull me from a team when I got sat. Instead they made me sit there and watch, which was the worst punishment I could receive. They made me sit there knowing good and darn well I was not only deserving of starting, but I was hurting MY team by not being out there.


My parents never went to a coach and told them where I should play or where I should bat. The cool part is the coaches asked me where I wanted to play and where I wanted to bat. That’s because I busted my butt to EARN that. I worked hard and took my punishments like a man. For that lesson alone I’m forever grateful to my parents. They were the first ones to tell a coach the opposite. “Hey coach do what you have to do with him. You’re right and we hope he learns now before he goes to the next level.” They could have easily pulled me out of that situation and put me with someone who didn’t care about my future. Someone who only wanted to win and having me in that lineup would help that. But how would that help me grow as a player and as a person? Answer is: it wouldn’t.



To the 99% who think their kid is the best athlete in the world. He’s probably not if you’re the only one saying it. By no means am I saying don’t support your kid and give him as much encouragement as possible. I’m saying be realistic.


I’m fortunate enough to have grown up with my business partner and friend, Lastings Milledge, who truly was the BEST player in the world. If you think for one minute his parents let him sit and even embrace the accolades he collected you’d be crazy. The guy worked harder than anything I had ever seen and he’s installed that in me with sports, which has now transferred over to business.


As stated earlier this isn’t directed to any one person specifically. For the most part OUR organization has been great with these problems. For every 1 parent we have that’s like what I discussed above, we have 10 who are the first to tell us. “Hey get him right coach.” “Hey we support you.” “Hey we know you are doing what’s best for him.”

I love what I do for a living and love the environment I’m around on a daily basis. But hey we all have things we can improve on right?



Thank you for reading this blog in its entirety and feel free to share.

Thinking I will be doing one of these monthly ⚾️

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1st Round Training
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 8 reviews
by Matt Bryner on 1st Round Training
Alaska baseball

Came down from Alaska to get some sun just happened
To be the coldest snap in Florida ever. What did we do
Go hit baseballs at 1st round training indoor hitting facility.
Top of the line gear and instruction . My son loved it . I would
Recommend it to anyone young or old who wants
To tune there swing.

by Corey on 1st Round Training

My son Max had a great session with Logan. As a teacher, I really was impressed with the emphasis on the basics and progressions from T to live pitching. We will be back next April. Thanks guys.

by Scott on 1st Round Training
Huge Thanks

Huge thanks to 1stroundtraining for accommodating us on same day request for some cage time.

by Jason on 1st Round Training
Last Minute Hitting

My 13 yo son was playing Thanksgiving weekend in a tournament at Pirate City. We wanted to do some extra batting practice prior to the weekend. We were allowed access to the facility that had everything we needed: cage and L screen. They even have a dimple ball pitching machine, but we did not use it. Great for what we needed! Thank you!

by Peggy Moore on 1st Round Training
Truer words...

Very well put! We miss you guys!

by Carm Ando on 1st Round Training
Great Job Coach Wells

I've coached baseball for over 20 years and I could not agree with Coach Wells more. Great job..... Great blog...

by Ashley Wells on 1st Round Training
Love it

Great blog! Can’t wait to read more. Love you Coach Logan ❤️

by Carm on 1st Round Training

Fantastic lesson. Coach Milledge taught me how to hit to the opposite field consistently. Thanks Coach!

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